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Published on saturday february 25th 2023

Discovering the country's remarkable architecture

The OAI has launched the 4th edition of architectour.lu, a reference guide to contemporary architecture, engineering and urban planning in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The book presents 252 built objects that will interest all lovers of architecture, urbanism and design. The objects are divided into 14 routes covering the different regions in the country. Each of these tours can be accessed on the Geoportal via a QR code on the map. The guide also devotes a chapter to the 11 lodgings on the Minett Trail, which winds through the territory of the eleven communes that make up the “Pro-Sud” inter-municipal association. Architectour.lu closes with the section "Wine and Architecture", which includes part of the “Via Mosel” offer.

It should be noted that on the website www.architectour.lu, in addition to the complete content of the book, 102 other unpublished objects are available which are equally worthy of interest.

The book is aimed at the general public who love beautiful things, as well as at those in the tourism and economic sectors who are involved in promoting Luxembourg as a destination.

Architectour.lu is available free of charge on request from the OAI secretariat (oai@oai.lu).



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