Wunnen Luxembourg

The magazine for real estate, construction and living in Luxembourg

Wunnen takes an original glance at everything related to housing and building and the people who live in them. Whether it's buying or building a home, financing, tax aspects, legal issues, architecture, materials and techniques, furnishings, decoration or lifestyle, Wunnen offers detailed information and advice on all these topics, as well as exclusive features and various reports. Wunnen is also the leading magazine for the major economic, political and human issues relating to housing.

With a print run of 11,000 copies, Wunnen is available in bookshops and sent to subscribers. The magazine is also available in showrooms of the various building trades, in waiting rooms, from professionals in the construction and real estate sector, and in places of transit within the European institutions.

Subscriptions & Previous Issues

The magazine can be purchased at news-stands, from the publisher or directly from the Internet.


  • Date of creation: 2007
  • bimonthly
  • circulation: 11,000 copies
  • selling price: 9,00 €
  • 116 pages or more, finish: adhesive-bound
  • impact: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • content: housing, decoration, architecture, heritage, practical advices
  • 100% luxembourgish magazine

Luxedit Sàrl, Publisher of Wunnen

Created in 2007, Luxedit sàrl is a print and multimedia publishing company and acts as a service provider in the fields of communication and visualisation. The company offers customised solutions in the form of magazines, books, brochures, flyers, websites, newsletters, blogs, press releases, photo reports, etc.


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