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12 outstanding buildings

A selection of 12 outstanding buildings, castles, bourgeois villas, mills and other emblematic structures of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. An original photographic look that pays attention both to forms and materials and to the legacy of history. A delightful book which will inspire all enthusiasts of history and architecture.

The Grand Duchy is full of historic buildings that bear witness to an era, a constructional genius and a way of life of the past. The book "12 outstanding buildings in Luxembourg" honours twelve living expressions of this architectural heritage, offering to revisit them with an original and contemplative photographic eye. The reader is invited to take a real stroll in pictures around these emblematic buildings, which have often been the subject of exemplary restoration. From the majesty of the castle of Vianden to the contemplation of the Villa Pauly, via the trepidation of the Luxembourg railway station, these buildings, whether public or private, industrial or sacred, are undeniably part of the country's collective memory. Designed to last, they have been put to the test over the centuries and passed on from generation to generation with varying degrees of happiness, respect and integrity.

Today, old buildings represent an invaluable legacy. Safeguarding them is an investment in the future. But it is not enough to preserve them materially, one must also know how to look at them and listen to them. This beautiful book is both a tribute to the builders of yesteryear and a poetic rediscovery of these buildings full of meaning.

12 bâtiments remarquables
12 bâtiments remarquables
12 bâtiments remarquables

the 12 buildings :

  • The Vianden castle
  • The grammar school of Echternach
  • The Bourglinster castle
  • The Beggen castle
  • The central station of Luxembourg
  • The Villa Pauly
  • The Villa Louvigny
  • The old castle of Ansembourg
  • The Hollenfels castle
  • The « Rackés Millen »
  • The mill of d’Asselborn
  • The Saint Maurice Abby

The Author

Born in Portugal in 1964, Paulo Lobo has lived in Luxembourg since the age of six. He has always had a passion for photography, but it is essentially as a self-taught photographer that he has developed his eye. He has a series of individual and collective exhibitions to his credit. Since 2007, he has been working as a journalist and photographer for Luxedit sàrl, in particular for the magazine Wunnen.

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  • Author: Paulo Lobo (text & photos)
  • Preface by Dr Robert Philippart, historian
  • Format: 24 x 28 cm
  • 128 pages, 105 colour photos
  • texts in three languages (French, German, English)
  • ISBN: 978-99959-733-0-8
  • Price: €39
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